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  • Is there an easy way to remove a UV gel top coat? Or is there a product for removing this?
    Some UV gel top coats act just as a hard gel. The only way to remove the hard gel version of UV top coat is to file it off. You can use an electric file (only use if trained!) or a 100-grit file to achieve the fastest removal time. You’ll want to use the file first to break the seal of the UV gel top coat. To continue to remove the enhancement, you’ll want to soak it off in acetone. Some techs choose to put a few drops of cuticle oil in the acetone during the removal process. Adding cuticle oil can help soften cuticles and prevent some harshness acetone may cause. To remove soak-off UV gel top coat, I recommend using removal wraps. These easy-to-use economical foils feature an absorbent pad. Simply soak the pad in the brand-specific lacquer remover, and then position the pad directly over the nail and wrap the foil around the tip of the nail to hold the pad securely in place. While the nails are soaking, you can warm the hands with salon mitts or terry towels, as warmer nail beds are more conducive to removal. Let the nails rest for 15 minutes, and then gently push off the gel with a cuticle stick.
  • Should I make an appointment before coming to the salon?
    Yes, we highly recommend that you make an appointment before coming to the salon. Making a prior appointment means that we will be able to prepare for your treatment and give you our best service. We do not offer a walk-in service and work by appointment only.
  • I won’t be able to make for my appointment. What should I do?
    Sometimes you may not be able to keep your appointment. In such cases, we request you to inform us at least 24 hours in advance about your inability to attend. This will help us to assign your time slot to another customer. You can call us or send an email to inform about your absence, or reschedule online or through the app by logging in to your account if you have one. If less than 24 hours notice is given, you will loose any money already paid. If however you are feeling unwell, you will need to reschedule your appointment... we are more than happy to reschedule appointments even last minute without penalty if you are unwell as you will not be permitted into the salon if you have a cold, flu, stomach bug, covid, or any other contagious illness.
  • Can I use my phone during my nail salon appointment?
    Using your phone might sound like an interesting idea to keep away boredom during your nail salon procedures. However many often, it takes your attention away from the procedure leading to results, sometimes leading to results that you wouldn’t like. Therefore it is safe to pay attention to the procedure than your phone.
  • Can I bring food and beverages to the salon?
    We understand that a salon procedure can be time-consuming making it a boring affair for our clients. While we don’t strictly ban outside food and drinks, we prefer that you don’t bring food and drinks. However, if you do, kindly do not dirty the surroundings for the convenience of the other customers. Plus... No eating is prohibited during your service!
  • Can I bring my child or children with me to my appointment?
    No, absolutely not! The salon is not a safe environment for children. If you cannot find someone to mind your children while you attend your appointment, please cancel or reschedule to a later date.
  • Do you accept cash or card?
    All appointments made online with Laura are paid for during booking so you don't need to pay anything extra unless there is a balance owed. But yes, for all other payments, we accept both cash and card in salon. Card is preferred.
  • Do i need to let my nails breath?
    As nails are dead keratinized cells, and they do not have pores or lungs... Nails do not need to breath... This is a myth! It is fact that you can wear nail enhancements at all times without having to take a break. As long as you are going to a highly trained nail technician who knows how to look after your nails, and you yourself don't pick or pull your nail enhancements off and follow the aftercare advice, then there is no reason why you can't always wear beautiful nail enhancements!
  • Why is using cuticle oil so important?
    Even though nails are made up of dead keratinized cells, they still need to be kept nourished. Your nails start growing from an area under your cuticles called the Matrix which is the "root" of the nail. The Matrix pushes out cells made of keratin and they mesh together to form a hard nail plate. Once the nails are grown out past the Lunula (whitish half moon), they are now dead cells. Your nails need moisture or they will get dry, crack, become brittle, weak, and break. Ever wonder why you suffer from brittle nails?? This is the number one reason! You need to use cuticle oil daily as this nourishes the cuticles and nails, and helps keep them in good condition and healthy. This will also ensure your nail enhancements don't chip, and will help stop your enhancements from lifting.
  • What should I do to look after my nails and nail enhancements?
    Your hands and nails go through a lot on a daily basis and it is extremely important you look after them to ensure you get the most out of your nail service, and to keep your hands and nails healthy! 1. Wear gloves when gardening, cleaning, and washing dishes. 2. Don't pick or pull your nail enhancements off! This will cause damage to the natural nails! 3. Don't use your nails as tools... So no opening cans with them! 4. Push back your cuticles after a bath or shower... Gently! 5. Use cuticle oil daily to ensure your cuticles and nails stay moisturized, and promote healthy nail growth.... dry hands will lead to dry cuticles and dry nails, which will cause your nails to crack/break/split. 6. Use hand lotion to keep your hands moisturized and promote healthy, soft skin. 7. Keep toenails short, and only file straight across... Rounded toenails can lead to ingrown toenails! 8. Keep your feet dry and change your shoes regularly... Don't wear the same shoes all day, every day, as this can lead to fungal infection!
  • Why do I need regular manicures?
    A Just as you are, your nail technicians is committed to keeping your nails healthy, strong, and attractive. While you can do some upkeep at home, a nail technician is the only one who can apply and repair artificial extensions, and she has been trained to care for nails in the healthiest manner possible. Think of how you care for your teeth – you brush and floss daily, but you wouldn’t skip regular cleansings at the dentist. It’s important to see your nail technician regularly, especially if you have artificial extensions or are a nail biter.
  • What’s the main difference between a basic pedicure and a luxury-type pedicure?
    If you ask 100 pedicurists what the difference between a basic pedicure and luxury-type pedicure is, the unanimous answer would be pampering. While I believe this is true, I feel the difference is much more significant. A basic pedicure is a relatively simple service that tidies toes for well-groomed “pretty feet.” It’s the perfect maintenance service. The luxury pedicure takes the service to a new level. While you might see trendy offerings like ice cream pedicures or fish pedicures in magazines or on television, a true luxury-pedicure is not only pampering, it’s therapeutic and healing.
  • How often should I get a pedicure?
    Healthy nails are beautiful. However maintaining it healthy demands some attention from you. It is good to get a pedicure once in three weeks. Dirt accumulates in your toes faster than you imagine. Bacteria and fungus grow easily bringing diseases. So have a pedicure at least once a month. It will benefit your feet greatly!
  • I have ingrown toes. Is it safe to get a pedicure now?
    Ingrown toes are a painful condition affecting the toes. It is better to avoid a pedicure if you have ingrown toe nails as the risk of infection is high. But prevention is better than cure. You can prevent ingrown toes nails to a great extent by having a pedicure once in a while. Nail technicians are experts in understanding foot problems and they’ll tell you what to do and what not to do so as to prevent ingrown nails.
  • Should I get a pedicure during winter?
    Most women give up on pedicure and waxing during winter because the cold temperatures mean that they can’t expose their legs. However, regular pedicures including during winter can make your toes healthy, for pedicures are not for beauty alone. After being wrapped in stocking and shoes in winter your feet can get some rest and relaxation during a pedicure.
  • Can I wax my legs before I go for a pedicure?
    We highly recommend NOT to wax your legs before your pedicure appointment. Although it might seem like a gentle thing to do, waxing your legs before a pedicure has the potential to cause infections. Waxing creates pores inside your skin so that the bacteria and fungus cleared out during a pedicure can find its way into your body. Therefore we recommend that you don’t wax your legs at least for two days before your pedicure
  • Is it safe to get a pedicure during pregnancy?
    Yes, pedicure does not interfere with your health unless you develop an infection from unsterilized tools, which puts both you and your baby at risk. You can rest easy though knowing all tools are sterilized between clients here at Nailed It Etc.! Apart from that, there is little or no evidence that the chemicals and fumes from the nail salon will affect your baby.
  • I have diabetes. Can I get a pedicure now?
    For a patient with diabetes, wounds heal very slowly. This increases the risk of developing infections. Since a pedicure can cause wounds in your toe, getting a pedicure if you have diabetes does not seem like a great idea, if your pedicure environment is not sterilized and clean. Hence it is advisable to visit diabetic- friendly nail salons or go to salons with an excellent hygiene policy such as here at Nailed It Etc. as we pride ourselves on our high level of hygiene!
  • I have fungal nail infection. Can I get a pedicure?
    The answer is simple... No. Fungal nail infections are highly contagious and you cannot get any service done. You would need to see your doctor or chiropodist to get medications to heal the nails. Once the infection is gone you can then get a service done. A letter from your doctor/chiropodist should also be given to your nail tech to be put on file.
  • What manicure should I choose?
    Your choice of manicure greatly depends on your personality. Remember that, besides its role in cleaning your nails, a manicure is an art. Tastes differ according to person. If you prefer simple and elegant nail designs you should go for a French Manicure. There are many types of manicures as the list is never-ending. Talk to your nail technician or browse images of various nail designs before choosing your manicure.
  • How can I protect my cuticles?
    Your cuticles are very important in the protecting your nails. Therefore it is only natural that you should care for it too. Apply cuticle oil and massage your nails. Tea tree oil is also a good oil to massage your cuticles with.
  • Is it okay to scrape my nail polish off my nails instead of using a remover?
    No, scraping your nail polish off can harm your nails and nail beds. It is always advisable to use a nail polish remover to remove it. In the case of gel manicure do NOT scrape it off especially with sharp tools as it can damage your nails considerably.
  • Can i get a manicure if I have fungal infection?
    No, you cannot get any services done if you have a fungal nail infection... or any nail disease/disorder that is infectious. Your nail technician will ask you to see your GP if an infection is suspected, and you must obtain a letter from your doctor stating if there is an infection present.
  • What is the difference between a gel nail polish and a regular nail polish?
    Gel nail polish and regular nail polish have a fundamental difference in their construction. Regular nail polishes (lacquer) are like paint and dries quickly. However the gel nail polish, as the name suggests, is a gel compound. The gel nail polish requires curing or drying under a LED lamp. UV rays are also used to cure the gel nail polish. Gel nail polish is being increasingly used these days due to its ability to last long and resist chipping. It has a glassy surface as opposed to lacquer which looks like a plastic coating.
  • Why should I choose artificial nails?
    Artificial nails are quite popular these days due to the diverse designs and colors they come in. If you are a person of funky tastes with a leaning to bright shades and high contrasts, artificial nails are your thing. You can choose artificial nails if you want to get creative with your nails.
  • Are gel manicures safe?
    Being a novice in the nail care industry, gel nail polish is bound to raise suspicions on its safety. However, as opposed to the popular conceptions, gel nail polish is not much different from the nail lacquer polish in its results. Gel nail polish lasts longer and its removal has to be done professionally at a salon. The only risk in a gel nail polish is the exposure of your nails under UV rays to cure it. Fortunately, these days many salons are shifting to LED lights for curing the nails. We use LED lamps here at Nailed It Etc.
  • What are the advantages of the gel nail polish?
    The gel nail polish lasts for up to 3-4 weeks without chipping. This increases the gap between your salon visits saving you time and money. It is non-porous which means that it does not let moisture from the atmosphere into your nails. With a glassy finish, gel nail polish looks very classic and adorable.
  • Are the UV rays used in curing the gel nail polish safe?
    Research has shown that UV rays can damage the DNA of your skin making you susceptible to skin cancer. If your salon uses UV rays to cure your gel nail polish, make sure to apply sunscreen over your skin to protect it from exposure. Also, if you are quite concerned about the UV rays, ask your nail technician if they have an LED lamp to cure the gel nail polish. You will be happy to know that we only use LED lamps here at Nailed It Etc.
  • How long will a gel polish stay?
    Unlike a regular nail polish that starts chipping after a week, a gel manicure typically lasts for up to 3 weeks without damage or chipping. This will increase the gap between your salon visits saving you money. However, it also depends on the brands of gel nail polish you use. Only professional nail products are used here at Nailed It Etc.!
  • How can I remove a gel nail polish?
    The gel nail polish removal requires professional help. Gel nail polish is best removed in a salon itself. Do not scratch or scrape your nail to remove the gel manicure because it can harm your nail bed. Although you can remove a gel nail polish at home too, it requires immense care and attention. Hence we recommend you to get it removed in a nail salon.
  • How to remove gel nail polish at home?
    You can buy a gel remover or pure acetone for the process. Dip a ball of cotton in the acetone solution and cover your nails with it. Again cover this with aluminum foil and then with a cloth to quicken the removal process. It can take from a quarter of an hour to an hour depending on the brand of gel you use. Unwrap the nails and scrape off any residue with an orange wood stick. After this moisturize your nail and use a cuticle oil to keep it healthy.
  • What are extensions?
    Acrylics are the most common nail extension, they are strong and versatile, they can be finished in pretty much any colour, shape or form. Most women go for the elegant French manicure finish, as this goes with most outfits. Colours are good if you want to match an outfit or follow current fashion trends. Gel extensions are also a good way to go if you have your hands constantly in water, as this product is non porous and has more flexibility than acrylic.
  • What is shellac?
    Shellac Is a Hybrid Nail colour, and is a brand of gel polish! We do not stock this brand but we do stock a variety of brands which are all professional products, vegan friendly and cruelty free such as The Manicure Company and Blue Sky among others. Feel free to ask your nail tech about the brands we carry.
  • What is nail art?
    Nail art is applied using fine detail brushes, glitters, gems, stickers, water decals, and many other media.... prices vary depending on design. It is best to visit your local salon and view the vast selection of designs. Alternatively bring a picture of what you want and we will do our best to replicate it. You can view our vast portfolio of work over on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • What are the main advantages of artificial nail applications ?
    For people who have a tendency to bite or pick at their nails, there is a 90 percent success rate of stopping this habit with artificial nail applications. There are two reasons for this. First, people are less likely to ruin something they’ve spent time and money on. Secondly, nail biters are generally inspired by having beautiful hands for the first time in their lives. It can give you the long, healthy-looking nails you’ve always wanted!
  • Will my natural nails continue to grow under the enhancements ?
    Yes. Artificial nails can actually improve the health of your natural nails by protecting them from biting, picking, excess moisture and other elements that can weaken or damage them. Your nails grow from under the cuticle area where the root is embedded... also known as the Matrix... and the nails grow from here. After 2 to 3 weeks you will see a gap in this area. You will need to then go back to your nail technician for maintenance. You will either have your gel polish removed and reapplied... or maybe you have extensions or overlays on?? In this instance you will need to have the back area filled in with the product which is called an infill. If you have went over 3 weeks since your last nail appointment, you will need a rebalance instead of an infill.
  • How do I maintain my nail extensions ?
    Every two to 3 weeks your nail technician will fill in the area near the cuticle between where the natural nail has grown and where the artificial nail or tip is attached. This “fill” includes smoothing, re-sanitizing and re-applying the product where it has naturally grown out.
  • How long do artificial nail last ?
    Artificial nail applications should be maintained every two weeks, three weeks tops! It is important to have regular fills because if the enhancement lifts away from the natural nail, moisture and bacteria can accumulate between them. A professional nail technician can spot problem areas best and should provide adequate advise.
  • Do extensions damage my nails ?
    No! Extensions or any form of nail enhancement will not damage your nails. It is poorly trained or nail techs who have no training who damage your nails from over filing.. or you yourself do the damage from picking, biting, pulling the nails off, or not following proper aftercare advice.
  • Why do nails split or become yellow ?
    Nails can split or yellow for a number of reasons. Excessive exposure to the elements or chemicals, poor diet, nail biting, smoking, and other habits can be the cause. See your doctor if you have concerns.
  • Why has my nail gone green ?
    This happens when the extension comes away from the nail bed leaving a gap, this can be seen as a whitened area. When water gets trapped within this gap and becomes stagnant, it eventually turns into a fungus similar to that of mildew. Don’t be alarmed, if this happens pop in as soon as you can so that we can remove the extension. Once the extension has been removed and the air gets at it, the fungus dies. You will be left with a green stain though which will grow out.
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