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Laura Gavin

Managing Director/Aesthetics Practitioner/Nail Technician/Educator

Over 20 years experience in the hair and beauty industry and consistently educating herself and keeping up with all the latest trends, products, and services to ensure she keeps up with legislation and also to be able to offer the best possible services to you, and to be able to offer something for everyone as she is qualified in all aspects of nails, and some areas of Aesthetics such as Dermaplaning, Microneedling, Chemical Peels, and Expert Dermafillers to name a few! Study in confidence knowing you are getting the best possible education from a top nail tech... nominated for the global SMHBA Nail Tech of the year award 2021, and also has placed in the top 10 Nail Salons worldwide in the SMHBA 2021 awards!


Laura Gavin
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