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Niamh Farrelly

Nail Technician

Niamh Farrelly brings her unique flair and creativity to the world of nail care and artistry. Graduating from our program in May 2023, Niamh's exceptional talent and unwavering dedication have made her a remarkable addition to our team.


- Certified Nail Technician

- Graduated in May 2023


- Basic & Luxury Manicure/Pedicure: Niamh's meticulous attention to detail ensures that your hands and feet receive the pampering they deserve. She offers both classic and luxurious treatments, leaving your nails looking and feeling fabulous.

- Gel Polish: Niamh is known for her expertise in applying gel polish, creating vibrant and long-lasting nail designs that stand out.

- BIAB (Builder in a Bottle): Niamh specializes in BIAB, offering both strength and style for your natural nails, ensuring they remain healthy and strong.

- Gel and Acrylic Overlay: Niamh excels in providing protective and polished nail overlays, enhancing the beauty and durability of your natural nails.

- Gel and Acrylic Extensions: Niamh's skill in crafting stunning nail extensions gives you the length and style you desire while maintaining the health of your natural nails.

Niamh Farrelly
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