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Reflecting on a Sparkling Year at Nailed It Etc: Cheers to Growth, Glam, and Giving Back!

Hello Lovelies!

As we wrap up the tinsel-laden year of 2023, I'm here with a heart full of gratitude and excitement to share the dazzling journey we've embarked on at Nailed It Etc. 🎉✨

**Merry Christmas and a Nail-Tastic New Year! 🎄💅**

First and foremost, a glittering wish for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my amazing Lovelies! Your support has been the driving force behind the success and growth of Nailed It Etc throughout this magical year.

**Nailing Success with Our 12-Week Nail Technician Course! 💖💅**

Our 12-week Nail Technician Course has been stealing the spotlight, and I'm over the moon with the love it's received. Thank you for choosing Nailed It Etc to embark on your nail journey!

**Liverpool Adventures: Aesthetic Mastery Unleashed! 🌟✈️**

In May, my daughter Cheyanne and I jetted off to Liverpool for an aesthetic adventure. From Dermaplaning to expert fillers, we've added a touch of magic to our services. Microneedling has become the talk of the town, and our clientele is loving the radiant results!

**A Little Bump on the Road: The Marshes Shopping Centre Saga! 🏢😅**

While our move to the Marshes Shopping Centre didn't pan out as planned, I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. The hunt for a new premises is on, and I'm optimistic that early next year will unveil a new glamorous home for Nailed It Etc!

**Heartfelt Giving: €500 for Focus Ireland! 💖🎁**

This year, I am overjoyed to share that Nailed It Etc has finally been able to give back. A donation of €500 to Focus Ireland has been made with love and gratitude. Giving back is a core value, and I'm committed to making it an annual tradition.

**Looking Forward to a Glamorous Future! 💫🌈**

As we bid adieu to 2023, I'm buzzing with excitement for what the future holds. The prospect of expansion and new beginnings fills me with anticipation, and I can't wait to continue this glittering journey with all of you.

To my wonderful Lovelies, thank you for being the sparkle in Nailed It Etc's story. Here's to more glitter, growth, and giving in the coming year! 🥂✨

With love and sparkles,

Laura 💖

(Nailed It Etc, Dundalk Ireland)

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